AZ & TX Leads in Audit!

Plenty is going on and nobody knows where it will take you to! 😉 Welcome back friends everywhere! 😉

As you all know, there has been a lot of fraud going on with the Elections 2020, and there were plenty of explanations and testimonies and footages for what took place. Courts closed their doors in the face of people who tried to figure out what happened and why their votes went astray.

A president with 88.8 millions of followers and more than 75 millions of votes was bluffed into a trap of conspirers. Unfortunately, he stood up to all bad parties and the people behind him didn’t know what to do except walking in rallies expressing their voices expecting some positive action to take place.Look at This

Elections fraud took place and was witnessed by the radical party, the conservative party, and the independent one. This is the truth. Everything took place under the eyes of the whole world. The world people not only the US people got angry watching the Steal.

Finally, groups started to organize their own examination for that election. Groups from the people by the people no officials and no more cover-up and no more sales for foreign countries. Arizona and Texas led these efforts; however, some claim that auditing will get into the same results if they did not exclude all elements involved or most of them. For example, if you only examined the machines themselves and the software or the hardware on the computers, it will neglect the part where the human hands run some ballots 1000s of time during the night. That took place in a number of counties. it will also neglect the military ballots which were dumped off out in the rivers and the trash and that was quite a huge number.

Audit should be thorough and those who participated in that fraud should be held accountable for disrespecting and not complying with the US Constitution, which caused a severe agony for the people in addition to the high cost they will pay for that.

Other factors such as:

  • Hidden ballots under the tables waiting for the night.
    – Machines were tampered with in a way to change the results: witnesses explained how.
    – Supervision was invalid.
    – Observation was prohibited which is unconstitutional.
    – Mail drivers testified that they were ordered to leave their trucks outside the election centers then the trucks disappeared with all ballots.
    – Dead people mail-in ballots were used for fraud.
    – Commercial entities were used for mail-in ballots.
    – Same names same SS numbers were used in different states.
    – Illegal persons were counted.
    – Under 18 were counted.
    – Non-citizens were counted.
    – Signature match was not administered which is illegal invalid unconstitutional.
    – Waiving some laws regarding timing allowed to facilitate fraud by some states.
  • USPS involvement.

Until we chat again, there’s a lot more that was said about this topic, catch up if you’ve missed it with our hugs and kisses

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