Use Your Brain!

Welcome back fantastic people from everywhere! 😉

There has been a lot of videos, thanks for the vigilantes who put the time and the efforts to reveal for people what is going on behind the curtains of the big theater. Really, if you think about it, these volunteers (talking about the good-hearted ones) expose any villain act or activity which will harm the people whether in the long term or the short one, which is amazing. Devoting yourself for the service of the people without expecting anything in return is such a huge thing.

This brings us to the one of these videos which revealed that there was a discrepancy in the data related to the deadly virus and every time someone talked about that, he would be thrown in jail or arrested. Terrible! Coming up with any reason for arrest and never hear about it again.

NPT Channel is one of the sources that brings news without bias, listen to this:

Talking about the deceit which is going on in the media:  very good analysis: 

“yeah well they’re they’re saying don’t believe your eyes, just believe what we’re telling you and you are a victim, and these people are oppressing you and, i appeal to the American people to stop listening to the foolishness and use your brain”  more ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

Is it normal to reverse all the previous Presidential executive orders?

For every person on Earth! Very well-said!

Until we chat again, probably preparing a list of what you’re all now facing would be a good idea so that you can have your voices heard loudly enough with our hugs and kisses

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