Numbers Lie!

Hello and welcome dear readers and friends from the US, South Africa, India, France, Mexico, Australia, Uganda, n Romania 😉

I thought in my way home, why was it all lies? Why many businesses were full of bogus? What made it so hard for top businessmen or businesswomen to see that doctrine of lies? Why none of them showed interest in challenging those lies, or neven just hinting about them?

As much as it is frustrating, there is many reasons for that, unfortunately. It’s possible to come up with justifications, but we would rather discuss some of them.

What kind of lies Henry talked about?

Henry is a 1Zumba friend and loyal reader who sends us regularly his own views on what is going on in our world, or in our posts.

Related imageHere’s few examples of business lies he mentioned:

. Your boss must be smarter than you, since he is a manager/director/supervisor or any other title s/he is given, to keep an eye on you and your work. Of course, this is a fat big lie, sometimes or most of the time employees are more producers than their managers.

Few managers, probably, have good personalities, because the majority give us the impression that “You are less than me coz I’m your boss”. It’s awful, I agree and thank God that I do not have one. If you argue otherwise, you are not realistic!

. Numbers never lie, but people do. What? Yes, most of businesses assume that Image result for Numbers liepeople are unreliable, and that they should trust numbers instead. :mrgreen:

But how many times the computers fail to give us an accurate piece of info?! How many times, you had a wrong receipt, if you pay attention to your phone bills? 🙄

. Business is not for everyone. Really? Business people are genius, and they have to Related imagesuffer to death, before seeing their success. Really? There is plenty to say here.

You do not have to be a genius in order to become a businesswoman or a
businessman. You choose a business model and you apply it. You can succeed or fail according to your application’s elements, methods, capital, etc..

Let’s put aside business lies for a moment, to tell you this: Some people every time you see them, they would give you a story about their illness, their daughter’s Image result for drawing of sick personsickness, or their wife’s who had a broken part of her body. OMG! It’s really terrible thing to do; it makes you feel awful to speak to this person again, who brings all the negative vibes to you. Is this normal?

When Samantha told me about her cousin, who does this for her every time he sees her, I did not comment, coz frankly speaking, I think that I keep avoiding this kind of people. It makes me feel uncomfortable although I’m completely sympathetic with ill people, but having drama every single time you speak to a certain person is too much.

Back to examples of business lies:

. Business has no feeling. It’s built on rational thinking only. What a fat lie! It is absolutely not, and if it were, why businessmen keep socializing and getting together, and be Image result for profits from businesscloser to or in touch with people of importance to them, or to their business, only because they hope that that person would keep them in mind. They hope to develop a bond and land his business into their lap.

. Business should be about money and making more money, and if you have anything else in mind, it’s not business. It is a lie. Many businesses started to help people or to solve a problem for people. It did not have to be about making a profit. The profits come Image result for profits from businesswhen the product is sold, it is right, but the product must serve the individuals first in order to be sold.

There are too many other examples of big fat lies, but I guess that is enough for now. Going to the mosque of business will complicate things further, so let’s take a quick break.

Until we chat some more, here’s our hugs and kisses ❤

.  Your business partner lies.
. Your boss lies.

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