Intellectual Property!

Pay attention and use it instantly! 😉 Quick moves reward the most! Welcome back lovely friends from everywhere! 😉

Everyone who has an account with any social media/network is in reality an owner of an intellectual property. This intellectual property is published online by XYZ. The carrier can not and should not administer any kind of management, changes, editing, blocking, or any others without the consent of the sole owner of the account. The network can not claim its ownership of any account (intellectual property) that is posted by any user and can not block the owner/user from accessing her/his account. This is against the law which protects users worldwide.

IntelIf the user didn’t follow the terms of the agreement, the carrier has the option of making this account unavailable for the public so nobody can see it or access it, while the user will be the only one who can access, see, or edit and can make a decision on removing her/his account or contents or continue having it in disguise (not seen by anyone else online).

This is the law that should be applied to all kinds of social media network, whether the owner of the account is a president or others.

Therefore, every and each owner of an intellectual property should claim his right in ownership, otherwise, the social media could sell the contents of his account or publish it in any format or sell it to some other parties.

The fine is expected to be very high if the intellectual property was not made accessible by the admin to its original owner. The admin could make the pages inaccessible to others but not to the owner.

Intellectual property is an invention or an idea that gives a person the exclusive rights to a product or a process. There are many types of intellectual properties like inventions, discoveries, artwork, and writingsIntellectual property can be stolen; someone can misuse it without permission. Violation of intellectual property.

Until we chat again, pls stay safe, help each other, and see how smart Australia was able to stand for protecting its people from the greedy Media, with our hugs and kisses

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