Due Re-Election?!

Hello Friends everywhere! 😉

Would repeating the elections or redoing the process of Elections will  correct all what went wrong? Can you set a precedent? Yes, it’s legal.

Why do you hear about this only through outer channels? Why did your own media bitterly keep twisting everything trying to force some false reality on people? 

May be because someone cared for the integrity of this very odd elections.

Pls listen to this and free yourself of any bias to any party. Think if you need to talk or to keep silent and be bullied by others who do not want.

You do not know what is going on, do you? Some radio channels promote lies 24/7 out of hate claiming the reunion of the nation. What reunion? People are always good to each other. Some were looting and starting fires, yes this happened but still they care for each other. 🙄

Part of the scheme is that every time you check on your computer, out of the no-where something will appear to tell LIES! Try to search Google or other search engines and you’ll get it. Therefore, due re-election process is a must.MediaLies

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Until we chat again, something will happen, and probably a big one! Remember your updated topics with our hugs and kisses

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