Patience, steadiness, seriousness, and devotion will get you to the right path! 😉 How nice to talk to all of you, dear friends, from everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, India, Australia, Norway, Qatar, Germany, Mexico, Bangladesh, South Africa, Philippines, Spain, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Romania, and all! 😉

Nowadays, it is hard to ask a question and to get a straight answer. This is the way it is right now, but caring people talk and keep asking to reveal the truth.

Good Media, people needs you to seek the truth and to go after the clues, the facts, the irregularities, and kinds of allegations that unfortunately took place lately in the US Elections.

Media favors the blue over the red party but media is supposed to be unbiased even if the majority of their workers were blue.

It takes a lot of courage to admit that there were numerous irregularities on the part of the Blue Party since they like to think that it was victory.

The validity of the Elections is completely damaged and its integrity is killed and  buried when having more than 5 States affected by the Software “Glitch”. If this proved to be true whether it was intentional or not, it would turn the table way around.

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fly077-eagle-with-us-flag-wing-spread-metal-sign__08647.1536693111US election system was not updated in years, yet no one spoke about it until that confusion came to surface. No one knew the extent of those invalid tools, but what you knew is that it affected the results one way or the other. You should listen to the witnesses who were ordered by supervisors to do illegal processing, or AZ clerks who advised the voters to use sharpies. 🙄

The election system has to be updated using serious measures if real legal legitimate valid results are sought. 

Ask the right questions, and you will get answers that uncover the fake news.

Until we chat again, keep checking on our new topics, there’s always more than the words you see, with our hugs and kisses

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