Do you think that a legitimate election is due? 😉 Dearest friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, India, Norway, France, South Africa, Netherlands, Thailand, China, Germany, Colombia, Philippines, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, Finland, Australia, Poland, Ghana, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Cameroon, Egypt, Macedonia, Hong Kong, Belgium, Sweden, and all, thank you for making us part of your day! 😉

fly077-eagle-with-us-flag-wing-spread-metal-sign__08647.1536693111It is a serious matter to have a county chair admitting that there was a horrible faulty glitch that caused improper results for more than 24 counties. If it was intentional, it’s a crime. Who did that? If this is not an evidence of unlawful elections, what else could be?!

Since the election process was jeopardized, it has to be repeated but only after making sure that non of those irregularities would occur  again. Otherwise, it has to be postponed until all systems are completely secured. It is impossible that Republican States heavenly turned into Blue out of the now-where. The programming/software changed everything.

It is even more concerning when the same software was used in other counties in other States, which explained the Trump miraculously disappearance of voting numbers.

It is sad that some people do not care for the accuracy of the elections because after all it is not about blue or red party; it’s about something more than that. It’s a message to the whole world that Americans are suckers and they swallow whatever given to them and turn their heads the other way while a bad person got away with his plan to steal from the American People their will.

Cheating is unacceptable. Faulty computer glitches are unacceptable, anything that would change an outcome against the People’s will is unacceptable.

Until we chat again, there will be more unless people are suppressed as you see in your networks now. Networks want to shut up the People’s voice. You can’t let them do that. Some networks even disregard these criminal facts out of bias. With our hugs and kisses

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