Veterans’ Day!

Your heart is heavy but your mind is bright, thank God for that! 😉

Dearest friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Morocco, Czech Republic, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Romania, Egypt, Norway, Algeria, Germany, Mexico, and all, we appreciate a lot being here with us all! 😉

A Veteran might be your brother, sister, friend, father, mother, neighbor, relative, partner, or others. A veteran is a human being who is ready to give up her/his life defending you and your family.

Do you see how tremendously great this sacrifice is? It’s something that you probably can’t do, so show appreciation and say thank you for anyone you know who is doing this great job. Celebrate Vet 11/11 with all others remembering the brave ones who gave their lives for you.             SophieVeterans2020Giving your life for the love of your country is the highest degree of loyalty and it should be appreciated.

You wish that wars are stopped and nobody would need to die; especially those young women and men who are sent to countries far away from home and live unbearable life circumstances working almost nonstop.

Your veterans even if they came back bodily uninjured, they still suffer the haunting memories of dead people. They have terrible experiences sometimes leave them incapable to cope with their communities again. Some commit suicide.

Be supportive to your Veterans and treat them well with appreciation and kindness. After all this is the least you can do.

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Until we chat again, take a quick look at  topics that you’ve missed before with our hugs and kisses


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