Media Dictatorship!

Dearest friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Morocco, Czech Republic, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Romania, Egypt, Norway, Algeria, Germany, Mexico, and all, we appreciate a lot being here with us all! 😉

Media again?

Many complaints against Media. Why? You know why of course. Naming names or wrongfully giving titles to some, confusing the public, and deceiving the simple minded people. Losing trust is a big issue but the media does not to care much about it, only the money is the primary target.

SophieLoveUSAHow could a person with more than 72 million supporters be so dis-likable by many Media? Why? Good part of it is personal. A reporter who was prevented from entering the White House. A reporter who was fired from his agency for lying. A person who was not hired by the President and turning down his request turned him into an enemy, etc..

Here’s the truth: the Media loves your President but they cannot say that. It will not get them higher ratings. They have to pretend that there is always a problem. The same happened before with each President. However with Trump, it was so sharp due to being a businessman who had a history with the Media since he was born.

SophieMediaDicMedia tries to distract people, the President is still the President of the US and will continue to be the President for FOUR more years. This is what the People want and nobody can stand against the people.

Only out of vicious bitter harmful dislike and envy. It’s not media it’s a personal vendetta. It’s turning into a huge dictatorship under the name of Media, but the President is not that easy to accept magicians’ tricks.

The whole Elections Event is like “Ocean’s Thirteen”- a make-believe theft action.

Numerous tricks are played on YouTube, Google, Twitter, and others. You must be very tired of shutting down those unbelievable imposed instances that keep taking you to any trivia related to the Blue.

There’s still more to say.

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Until we chat again about more flaws and tricks that are used by Media, remember your favorite topics with our hugs and kisses

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