Open Forever!

If you wish for the rainbow, make sure you could take the rain! 😉 Hello and here we meet again dearest friends from everywhere: the US, the UK, Australia, India, New Zealand, China, Croatia, Uzbekistan, and all! 😉

. Is it another pending issue?
. Indeed it is, and it shouldn’t continue hanging over your head any more. 

When we were watching that movie we talked. This is the way our group like it. They don’t stay silent they talk a lot and argue a lot of fun.

Gigi: “Some are seeking immortality and some are closing your business forever. It is heartbreaking to see this happening.”

Agatha: “It’s unreasonable to continue closing and unbearable for all not only for business. Schools, courts, stations, parks, fields, etc.. My son cannot go to school and he started spending time outside the home and who knows what he does with his friends.
He said he had the mask all the time and talk at a distance but he is a teenager if he was at school there would be some eyes watching what he is doing or may be using cameras would make it even more easier for them, but they are lazy. Do they get paid while schools are closed?”

Keith:  “Yes, they get paid. There has to be a fight but not hurting people’s earnings. Students need to go to school. Students can be controlled if there was a good firm administration in schools. Give clear instructions. Teachers wear gloves and masks for protecting themselves and others around them. Make mask a requirement to enter any school. Students can’t hug kiss touch anybody. Use cameras and set clear punishment tools”

Mary: “As for businesses, now everyone is open, they will not close again. This is the way you see it now in the streets of CA. Malls are open retail stores are open Nobody will obey wrong unreasonable requests. State governor is sued by hundreds of businesses and they will win. Who will pay for them? Tax-payers. Who else?SophieWe,rOpen2

Philip: “Governor needs to address this issue. There are beneficiaries from closing those who are getting their checks paid in full while others are nor starving or applying for gov benefits.

Keith: “One issue is dragging a million others. Open no close no re-open no hold on. what’s all this swinging? bs”

Mary: “What is the mortality rate in CA? Is it higher than other states? No. Why closing then? We walked the streets of Pittsburg today. Everyone is open. Antioch businesses are open. SF stores are open. Bart is open. Who is closing? Haha!”

It doesn’t make any sense. This is mishandling for the State money the people’s money and causing more chaos among all communities. 

Until we chat again, share with us how is it at your end with our hugs and kisses
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