Fresh Air!

Dearest friends everywhere!

Opening is the solution not the closing.

If you closed your doors and hid in your home, you are not getting the natural immunization that your body have or can develop.

Other factors are not considered when they talk about that Chinese Virus is hands cover when you’re in public if it is contagious as claimed, every time you open a tap or a door in public, there is a possibility that you get infected since the virus lives up to 3 days on the surface.SophieFreshAir

How about ventilation. You all know that most buildings in public have a central A/C which could get infected and be a tool for spreading the virus. Buildings need to open the doors and the windows and to shut down the central A/C as a step for refreshing the natural air and cleaning up any unwanted.

Hospitals ventilation systems definitely need a closer eye and a whole cleaning process. Many hospitals didn’t open its windows in years. You bet if there was a microscope lens that could show the real contaminated air the hospitals are in every single day, coz nobody does check on air inside a hospital, who would think of that?

Until we chat again, try to get more fresh air while reading our topics with our hugs and kisses

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