Invitation to Bloggers/Writers

Hello and welcome to our post. Thank you for the new readers from the US, Canada, Mexico, Romania, Sweden, & Spain 😉

Today, we invite all of you to join a new group. It’s created on the first moment of our new year 2017. It’s called “Writers & Books”. [This group account is no longer on FB].

It is meant to promote or make known more bloggers, writers, authors, or any other related writing person. The reason I thought of that, was the endless number of writers’ names or bloggers’ names that I found myself unfamiliar with. wbTherefore, instead of joining the group, join us here. It is an open invitation for everyone, who is interested in writing to send us names of books and link so that it could be published on our pages and be known to others worldwide.

Any suggestions, recommendations, or comments are appreciated. Wishing all of you, the best of luck in our 2017. 

With our hugs & kisses


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