Serbia SuperStar, 1Zumba!

Hello again dear readers and friends. Thank you for the US, Canada, Mexico, Romania, Sweden, Spain, & Ireland  😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, my friend is not my boyfriend; I just want you to remember the difference. When I see you, I will let you know exactly what she meant.

Other than that, we have a great addition to your 7000 SuperStars. It’s Aleksandar Vodjevic, who was recommended by our dear 1Zumba friend, Mirjana Vavan.

  • Sophie Essay, 12/19, 8:35pm, Sophie Essay

    Hi, Mirjana Vavan recommended you for to have an interview with you. Has she talked to you about that? 

    Aleksandar Vodjevic, 12/20, 8:46am, Aleksandar Vodjevic

    Hi hi …no …she didn’t told me nothing 

    Aleksandar Vodjevic12/20, 9:43am, Aleksandar Vodjevic

    But we speak already about so it’s ok.

    Sophie Essay, 12/20, 10:20am, Sophie Essay


    So where do you live? And what do you do for living?
     Sophie Essay, 12/20, 10:36am

    You’re saying OK, meaning you would like to participate with us, am I right?

    , 12/20, 10:36am

    I live in Vojka, little village close to Belgrade, so Republic of Serbia
    I breathing for living 😁 And of course im zumba fitness instructor 4 years …

    💪😁 (i have to be seriously or? , because of smiles)

    Yes yes …. i would like to participate with us)

    Sophie Essay, 12/20, 10:41am

    Great! When did you start working in fitness? or Zumba?

    🙂 Breathe for living 🙂

    Very nice expression, how do you define it? 🙂

    Aleksandar Vodjevic, 12/20, 10:52am

    Huuu…always i’m in some activities,in Zumba Fitness i was start 2012. 🙂 ….about may i think

    Thank you 🙈

    Sorry but now i have to go to training so i’ll write to you later 🙂 …ok?

    Sophie Essay, 12/20, 11:00am

    All right!

  • , 12/20, 2:01pm


  • Sophie Essay, 12/20, 4:42pm


  • Sophie Essay, 12/22, 9:51am

    How’s is it going?

    To resume our chat, here’s few more questions to answer:

    – What is your ultimate dream?

    – Have you traveled out of your country? If Yes, where to?

    – Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

    – Do you plan everything ahead of time? If Yes, how long before the event? 

    – What is the characteristics that you like to see in people around you?

    – Do you think that life is fair with everyone?

    – Do you have a certain message that you’d like to deliver to people? Or advice?

    Pls provide one main picture for the title of the article, and 5-7 additional photos for the body. You can include family or friends.

    If you have any question, pls let me know.

    Thank you.

  • Aleksandar Vodjevic, 12/22, 10:27am

    Hooou 🙂 interesting questions 😇

    Hehe so i have a big job to answering to all questions

    All is good…just let me to answer later sorry im again busy…training

    And i’ll give my best 🙂

    You’re welcome 🙂 ….you will tell me when i answer what you thing

  • Aleksandar Vodjevic, 12/23, 3:59pm, Aleksandar Vodjevic

    -my ultimate dream?…hmm,I don’t have a dream I just wanna to live the way it is now or possible better…. 😇😊

    -yes i was traveled out,it was last year…Turkey, Kuşadasi , five mounts I was there

    -for this question I really don’t have an answer

    -My plans depend of the importancy of the events or things I’m planing

  • December 24, 2016
  • Aleksandar Vodjevic12/24, 7:46am, Aleksandar Vodjevic

    -next question is a tough one.But let’s say that a part of answer would be no…

    -answer no.5 I really enjoy seeing that people who’s around me are passionate about something. To see that they respect each other and appreciate life

  • Sophie Essay12/24, 7:07pm, Sophie Essay

    Can you choose the main photo for your interview, and 5-7 photos for the body of the post. 

    Great! While editing, if we found the post short, we will ask you more questions.

  • Aleksandar Vodjevic,12/25, 1:24am, Aleksandar Vodjevic

    I’ll I’ll….just i need more time 😊 Today in evening I’ll sent you

  • Sophie Essay12/26, 10:40am, Sophie Essay

    Sure! We’ll give you a chance to celebrate

  • Sophie Essay, 1/4, 9:21pm, Sophie Essay

    Oh! These are great photos! Wow!

    Thank you 🙂

    We appreciate sharing his story with all of us, and I hope that you will be the next one in our 7000 SuperStars!

    Love & kisses ❤TranslationService


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