Embarrassing, Not The Light Painting, 1Z!

Dear readers everywhere, thank you for visiting our pages. We have a lot of wonderful topics. Our special appreciation goes for the US, France, New Zealand, Italy, Canada, Croatia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, n South Africa 😉

You know, sometimes it’s just happen to be uncertain which way you should take. Similar to going to a new address, having no access to a map, and you’re guessing your way to that address. 🙄

Image result for some driver is asking directionsYou would keep on making some guesses, or you would probably ask someone to help you, when you reach  the point, where you no longer sure, even how to get back home.

It happens! I remember one time, I had an important meeting in San Jose, and my GPS went dead or rather confused, while my cell phone GPS kept losing it signals, messaging me there was no signal anymore. 

I had to stop every two miles to figure out if I was on the right road, and I still had to depend on my cell phone, waiting for it to get any signal. Unfortunately, even the advice Image result for lost with the  GPSI had from a postman, who was delivering mail, didn’t help much.

Somehow, miraculously, I was able to get there, but it took me approx. more than four hours, to get into that address, and the funniest thing ever, was that the Starbucks’ staff, had no idea that a  gov building was right on their back-side of the same block.

I never suspected a GPS; I used to believe totally in the accuracy of that device, until, lately, I was continuously proven wrong. So, I gave up, and I returned back toImage result for using a paper map instead of gps my paper map, or the internet map, before going anywhere new to me. Just to avoid the embarrassment of being late in meetings or events in places I’m not familiar with, or visiting for the first time.

I’d like to remind you that we will continue to accept the answers to our 100 Question Competition until the end of this month, giving all of you plenty of time, to check on all the posts, which included the questions for that competition. In the meantime, we’re trying to have all of the questions on one slide-show clip for your convenience. I hope my great team will be able to get it ready for you soon.

Example of light painting

What is light painting?

Light painting uses long exposure photography (when the shutter of a camera stays open) and portable light sources to create images or “paintings,” either in a studio or outside in natural darkness. The images are created in real time and captured in one single photographic frame.

Image result for light paintingJanLeonardo describes his work as “like being a blind painter who can’t see his canvas.” Once everything is in place, all he can do is press ‘shoot’ and wait for minutes, sometimes hours, before an image appears on his screen. More

We have to say “Good Bye” for now, just need to catch up with an appointment, not to be embarrassed, leaving you with the light painting, until we talk again. Kisses & hugs ❤


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