1Zumba, Non-Stop Auto Recalls!?

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Last week, Takata filed reports with U.S. auto safety regulators declaring nearly 14 million air bag inflators defective — in the first of a series of required reports. Takata agreed to expand recalls by 35 million to 40 million inflators in several tranches through 2019, adding to the 28.8 million recalled before May 4th, 2016.

(Associated Press)

How long will I have to wait for a replacement?Ā Years, potentially.Only about 8 million of the 28.8 million air bags recalled so far have been replaced, and some of those will have to be replaced again because they are also Takata air bags without a drying agent.

How many bad apples are there in the auto sector barrel?

If everybody is cheating in their own distinctly different ways, does that make it a systemic problem, or just a very rich collection of individual ones?

At first sight, the Mitsubishi Motors MMTOF 2.27% scandal, in which the company falsified fuel economy data for at least four of its most popular models for a minimum of two years, appears to have a lot in common with the Volkswagen VLKAY -0.76% diesel scandal (which you can read about in depth here), at least in its origins.

Image result for auto recallsDear 1Zumba1Zumba friends, how come that all these companies continue to kill or cause death to innocent people who trusted those companies, and bought their cars, or death causes at a very high price: their lives! do you want to knowĀ Ā more?

Now, which one is better, to own an unsafe car, or to ride a bus or local transportation? It’s so hard to imagineĀ all these car-recall problems, with new technology that should provide better production not worse. There should be a way to stop all this hassle forever šŸ˜€

It’s no longer acceptable, my 1Zumba friend, what do you think?

Until we chat again, let me see your nice comments n suggestions. Love you all ā¤


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