1Zumba, Vietnam + US Arms!

Dear 1Zumba friends & readers; current or new, from the US, or from anywhere else, especially the US, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, the UK, India, Colombia, Canada, n Kuwait 😉


This news is one of the utmost important news in history. It’s the “The United States announced a complete end to its arms embargo on Vietnam on Monday, a historic step that draws a line under the two countries’ old enmity and underscores their shared concerns about China’s growing military clout.

Obama visits Vietnam, JapanAlthough some would not agree with the US policy, but it is for the best for others! What do you think?! Does it have any effects on elections? I think you would find it related to many other decisions, and that it would change several worldwide criteria 😀

1Zumba friends, I want to tell you other things as well, but I will save it to later; so just hang on there, and until we chat again, we love you all ❤



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