1Zumba, What?

Dear followers, readers, friends, writers, bloggers, & visitors from the US, Morocco, Iceland, Vietnam, n Philippines 😉

1Zumba friend, this post was supposed to be posted yesterday; but due to some technical issues, it’s posted today instead. I think you all know by now that our articles are sometimes prepared long before they are published, or delayed coz of preference given to new events, or important life matters 😕

Grant, dear 1Zumba friend, my student did not mean to be mean to you. I apologize if this how you felt about that situation, but it was about our scheduling time. Nothing is personal at all. She didn’t see you or know you, right? And thanks for your great suggestions n being a huge fan. I never use the word fan coz it make me feel like a movie star, haha! But since that was, what you called yourself, it’s fine with me 😉

In Berkeley today, the weather is a bit windy cloudy n sun has been shy mostly. Some have summer outfits, while others in their winter clothes. Some are moderate, which I think is the best thing to do. Extremism in anything results in dissatisfaction, right?

How about you dear 1Zumba friend, how’s your weather conditions today?

Sometimes, you have to downgrade your appearance to belong to a group. Nadine, 1Zumba friend, was against that principal, but Natalia proved to us, how it affects very much other people in the group to feel that “you don’t belong in-here attitude” when they feel that you are coming from a higher class.

I tried to apply this assumption, n you know what I found it partly true; some would react as if saying “you’re still higher”, while others would resent it as if asking you to continue to be in your higher rank/class, they assume that you’re coming from. It’s all weird, but when you knew theses tiny behavioral tips, you may manage better with diversity.

1Z-what.jpgJust remember one thing, it’s always good to be yourself; coz it’s the best simple way to engage with others. Trying to be someone else you are not may lead tor a lot of misunderstanding, which we do not need in our lives. Life is already complicated enough, isn’t it?! 😀

In a little bit we will continue our talk, about something very healthy for you; so be with us in few moments, to have this valuable info, relating your health. Until then, I love you all, be sage, & enjoy your life 😉


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