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It is what it is. No, it shouldn’t be like this! Bryan scolded Sue coz she was helping the customers, but it was few minutes after her scheduled working hours, which would give her $ 2 extra as an over-time.

No, it didn’t start like that.

It started when Sue was in her way to the back room, to clock out. A customer stopped her (a man and his wife); they asked her about the size of the table they wanted to purchase coz it was in the printed brochure but not on display.

Sue looked at the paper the wife held in her hands and found that 42″ table was there. Audry, the seasonal Dept Lead, was in her way out of the store. She stopped for a moment asking Sue if she was ok to handle them and confirmed that there was one table that size in stock, and that she was going home. Sue answered Audry yes it was OK. After few deliberation, the couple asked about a larger and a different model table.

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She radioed Daze, a seasonal employee, to find out if he was available for questions about another

table they asked about: he came in explaining few things. Sue confirmed to him that Audry said there was one in the Stock room. He said he would double check on the table in the stock room, and he pulled out, leaving Sue with the two customers in the seasonal dept on the floor.

They asked Sue for discount, she didn’t see any discount on the sign, but she told them she would check with the manager. She radio Daze asking if a discount was possible. The store manager answered no discount, which she told the couple. They got back to the first table on the paper, after few negotiations in another language they decided to buy.

They asked for a discount for the smaller table, for which Sue excused herself from them, and went further away to one of the unused register and called Daze asking if there was a discount for the smaller table. He said no but that she could call the store manager, many be he could give them something. She did dialed the Store M phone and he instantly YELLED at her.


I said that no discount over the radio.” She answered that she was asking about a smaller different style table not the same one. After yelling again, he told her to call him after the customers depart which she did to get more yelling, without a chance to talk, and then asking her to go to the back office to talk.
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She did immediately went to him and she started saying that she knew that he was tired by the end of that long day, since they were asked very early for a mandatory meeting. He shouted and shouted and yelled continuously:

1st I said over the radio no discount. Why did you ask again about a discount? 2nd why would you let the customer hear our conversation?”

Sue answered him: 1st, I didn’t call you when I was with the customers. I went further away from them to register 6 and asked you. 2nd It was not the same table, I thought that your answer was for the first large table and the smaller one could be different. 🙄

Then he jumped into why would you help a customer and get an over-time? When are you scheduled to be done?

She answered: 4:15 pm

Why didn’t you ask a management if you could help those customers after your scheduled time, before you help those customers?

It didn’t occur to me, coz I thought it was a fast sale. Usually it takes shorter time”.integ2

No no, you need to ask a mgmt, Audry’s a manager why didn’t you tell her? Sue why do you think….

Tell me why you wanted to give a discount for that customer? (gazing at her while yelling conveying a potential threat)

Coz they said they received a lot of the store emails saying that sales were on weekends, and they came looking for a table on sale.

Do you think you used the right approach? (still nervously) You should have explained about the emails the customers received. Do you think it would be different if you told the whole thing?

He kept yelling reprimanding the poor Sue, she felt awkward, threatened, she started trembling. Finally, she put herself together, stood up, and said: “I’m tired and very exhausted. I thought I was doing good for the business, but apparently I was mistaken. Thanks” She opened the door and stepped out, with all kinds of disappoint.integ3

Sue wanted to go home. She was so tired since there was an early mandatory meeting in the store for which she had to wake up around 5 am, but she thought it’s good for the business to close that sale.

She didn’t think of over time or anything like that coz she thought that it was a fast sale but it took about 15 min instead. Her mind didn’t think of the two cents she’s making at that time 5pm but she closed the sale.

It was $ 141 😦

Would that situation be qualified for being considered Psychological harassment? Yes, since it  is vexatious behavior that manifests itself in the form of conduct, verbal comments, actions or gestures characterized by the following four criteria: They are repetitive; they are hostile or unwanted; They affect the person’s dignity or psychological integrity.

It’s a real story and its source was confirmed. Shame that there is such businesses. Are they successful ones? We doubt it. For one reason, a good business know how to get good managers!

Until we talk again about another real situation, expect more from your topics, with our hugs and kisses

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