Gmail, 1Zumba!

Hi dear readers and friends. Great to talk to you one more time. It’s a wonderful day in our beautiful California.

Thank you for friends from the US, Vietnam, Bermuda, Canada, Netherlands, Romania, n Mexico 😉

Dear 1Zumba friend, it’s nice to hear your comments and suggestions. Pls keep sending your elegant insights. It pleases us to hear from you. 😉

What is wrong with Gmail? No matter how many times, you mark a certain email as spam, gmail still bring it up to you in your “Inbox”.

Is it because it’s from the White House? Or is their campaign has an exception? Do they have instruction to over-ride our choices in our own emails as well?

How frustrating this is, but what else should we do, except to talk about it.

I read your lovely writing tips, and it made me think if only the things we love are the ones that would move our pens.

May be it is different from one person to the other, but for me, it is, in addition to the things  I love to talk about, the things that irritate me such as frustrations from certain situation that could happen to you during dealing with your cell phone misinformed info that were given to you by one rep, and the provider didn’t want to honor it.

Or for instance, things that you wouldn’t like to happen to others, coz it happened to you and caused you a great deal of pain, they made my pen jot down all the stress inside me. It
works as a stress relief, similar to that I get from 1Zumba exercise 😛

Let’s take a short break, then come back to you again. With our best wishes, our hugs & kisses ❤


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