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Dear friends from the US, Uganda, Mexico, Australia, n the UK, thanks a lot for being interested in what we say on a daily basis. Your love is our dynamo 😉

My dear 1Zumba friend, how are you? Where are you? What is your latest news? Where’s your promised regular communication? We’re impatiently waiting for your news 😉

We’ll bring to you a new question in our competition, a sensitive subject girls avoid to ask about, and a test each guy or gal can do to test her prospective partner.


First our new question no. 78 asks you the following:


Secondly, many girls are still shy away about asking how to know if some guy is having the same feelings she has for him. For girls, it is very sensitive subject to talk about, Image result for shy girlsnot coz girls have more pride than boys, but coz they can talk among other girls, but their friends might not know a specific answer; most probably they are the same age, with similar experiences.

Guys also can have the same exact issue; they can talk with their peers, but they wouldn’t dare to talk about it for girls, for many reasons of course.

Image result for touch his kneeTouching: One of the ways to test her/his interest consists of touching and observing her/his reaction.

If you’re sitting side by side, change your place, and pretend that you touch her/him unintentionally, and see what will happen. If s/he adjusts her/himself so that s/he’s no longer touching you, s/he might not be interested.

Image result for touch his kneeEyes:When you catch her/his eyes, see how long you can look at him before s/he looks away. If you have some eye contact for an extended period of time, there are sparks!

Just be careful coz some people get scared of staring.

Ownership: Bring up up something funny about his/her car or motorcycle, n ask her/him if s/he would let you try to use it, or show you how to use it. If s/he is willing to do that, it’s a sign s/he is interested, coz giving up temporarily some kind of ownership is a big sign.


Image result for shy girlsInvitation: You need guts for this one. Casually suggest that you two should go to the movies or get dinner. If he brings up the idea later on in the day or week, it’s because he wants the date to actually occur.

Relationships: If you’re looking to date a guy, you’re going to have to tell him about your past relationships eventually. As long as you’re friends, it’s not strange to mention the boys/girls you used to date.

If s/he acts protective over you or says that you should’ve been treated better, it’s because s/he cares about you.If s/he Image result for touch his kneeseems jealous, that’s another indicator of his feelings.

Direct Approach: Ask her/him how he feels about you. There’s no reason for her/him to lie, so you can expect an honest reply.

Everyone behaves differently, so it’s impossible to tell exactly what a#man is thinking by studying his actions.

Image result for shy girlsAct Helplss: Another method to test her/his feelings for you is to pretend that you’re in some kind of problem, and you need his/her help. Come up with something simple not that complicated, and ask her/him how to solve this issue. If you find him/her passionate, sympathizing with you, caring, giving his/her time for you, it’s definitely a huge sign that s/he is greatly interested in you. From here, go on, keep her/him in your life forever.

It’s time to excuse ourselves for a short break; then continue one more time with our lovely audience. Kisses ❤


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