Hugs Day!

Hello and welcome dearest readers and friends from the US, Iraq, China, Denmark, Ireland, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Germany, the UK, India, and Trinidad & Tobago! 😉

20% OFF for Bargain Australia Car RentalWhy the media didn’t cover enough about that young 18 yrs old high school girl, who traveled from FL to CO. The coverage was weak and unclear. There is more to it, than just found the poor girl dead. One of the TV correspondent said everything was OK, the girl is dead no need to be annoyed or worried anymore, with no sorry or remorse whatsoever for the dead person. Who are these people?! 🙄

The other nice thing I found in the library was a “Dog Hug” flyer, that was really nice, but I wanted to suggest the exchange of a dog by a human, hmmm 🙄20190417_204922 (2)

The last very originally interesting news was about PG&E company which ridiculously wanted to appoint a CEO, while they are assuming bankrupt, who to get paid $ 2,500,00/year, in addition to transitional fees of $ 3,000,000 (THREE MILLION DOLLARS), CAN YOU REALLY IMAGINE THAT? Easy to spend! 🙄SophiePG

Isn’t that the most ridiculous salary for a CEO of a bankrupt company or so they say?

If you have a high blood-pressure condition, pls avoid reading this, we apologize if we didn’t say that at the beginning, but it has just occurred to us right now. 

You certainly need a revolutionized reform for everything.

Until we chat again, stick to us, you’ll hear things you didn’t know about before, and you’ll get your real inspiration, up to the top of the hill, with our hugs and kisses ❤



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