Eid Al Fitr Entertainment!

You have to surface, manage your fitness! 😉 Welcome back dearest readers writers friends from the US, Chile, India, the UK, Nigeria, the UAE, Hong Kong SAR, Israel, Germany, Myanmar (Burma), Singapore, Croatia, and Pakistan! ;)

Do you know why Mellinnials feel ungrateful for their families? Wait a moment. Do you know who are the Mellinnials?Aquasana Home Water Filters

Millennials – The Most Educated Generation in Western History. Millennials are on track to become the most educated generation in Western history. … Millennials (also known as Generation Y, Digital Natives, Generation Me, Generation Rent and Echo Boomers) are generational cohort born roughly between 1980-2000.

Not all resources are identifying them as above but the Generation “Selfie” or “Me Me Me”, according to a number of experienced therapists is mostly narcissists.

Nancy saw that as an extreme coz it can’t be that a whole generation be described as narcissists. It sounds like a wide generalization. MoreBerrylook

You should say congrats for Eid Al Fitr for Mosslems everywhere in your beautiful world. Jamal said that he fasted for two weeks but then  felt quite tired n exhausted so he stopped and that he didn’t really get the wisdom behind fasting. One from the team will address your question soon Jamal. Thanks for sharing and Happy Eid Al Fitr for all 🙂


Lately you must have had hundreds of movies at your fingertip! Right? Being under shelter-in-place makes it more demanding for you to look for more entertainment tools. YouTube has a number of free movies that could well-qualify for family movies. SophieChannelSophieMovies
Check them up for yourself. Disregard dates. They are entertaining as your friends assured us.
Hulu has a long list but not all of them are family movies for sure, and the same goes for Netflix.

Until we chat again, take it easy and get ready for going back to work soon with our hugs and kisses Smarter Loans 728X90Lovely Wholesale


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