July on the 4th!

Your plans are made for you, just lean on your Creator! 😉 Everywhere you can hear the sound of the fireworks that are roaring in the sky. Disneyland fireworks is among the best parades you may see in 2022. New York fireworks were also splendid, amusing, and full of art. We wish you all very … More July on the 4th!

July on the 4th!

Stress-free status, make it your goal! 😉 Everywhere the 4th of July is celebrated and the fireworks have already started even since the first of July.  Here’s some of the nice and funny pictures that are done by many patriots earlier this week. We wish you all very happy 4th of July. If you are this … More July on the 4th!

July on the 4th!

Celebrations are good for your heart! 😉 Every year the 4th of July is celebrated by the majority of the US population. It might be the busiest day of the year where everyone plans her/his own kind of celebration. A lot of people plan a trip out of their city or state trying to explore … More July on the 4th!

Easter 22!

😉 Wishing you all very happy Easter 😉 Until we chat again, we welcome your suggestions or comments, with our hugs and kisses ❤

Ramadan & Easter!

Look at the Sky and wish for what you want! 😉 Obviously April this year 2022 host the special month of Ramadan on its 2nd day, the month which is celebrated and recognized by more than half of the world’s population. Therefore, taking this opportunity to congratulate everyone who does celebrate. Not only Ramadan month … More Ramadan & Easter!

4th & Happy!

Welcome back beloved friends from everywhere: the US, Canada, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Germany, India, The UK, France, Jordan, Albania, China, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Greece, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, Belarus, Germany, and all! 😉 Tomorrow, it is a new day having a new celebration in all parts of your country, enjoying July 4th not only … More 4th & Happy!

Triple Celebrate!

Welcome back dearest friends! 😉 Many of you I saw tears in their eyes when the play was finally done! 😉 What a waste of time, efforts, and money! Ooops, People’s money! Great! Isn’t it? Great to know that the unconstitutional should always fail. This is a relief for many. With Valentine’s Day on Feb … More Triple Celebrate!

Happy Holidays!

Everyone has an agenda even without knowing it! 😉 Welcome back everyone! Friends from the US, the UK, India, Russia, Canada, Australia, Nigeria, Ukraine, Tanzania, France, China, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Somalia, Serbia, Germany, Australia, Japan, Croatia, Vietnam, Singapore, Russia, Austria, Philippines, Sweden, Canada, Brazil, Qatar, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Egypt, Bangladesh, Hungary, … More Happy Holidays!

Happy Birthday August!

To all special friends readers writers bloggers and all from everywhere: the US, the UK, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, India, Germany, Indonesia, China, Trinidad & Tobago, Slovenia, South Africa, Brazil, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Qatar, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, Tunisia, Norway, France, Ukraine, the united Arab Emirates, Macau, Finland, Poland, Peru, Panama, Algeria, Turkey, … More Happy Birthday August!

Happy 4th!

♥ Celebrate no matter what! 😉 Dearest friends everywhere: the US, the UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, South Africa, South Korea, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Nigeria, India, Turkey, Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Indonesia, Pakistan, American Samoa, Honduras, Ukraine, Malaysia, Kenya, and all! 😉 Fireworks are amazing but … More Happy 4th!

4th of July!

Welcome back dearest friends everywhere in your beautiful world; especially new readers from the US, Turkey, the UK, Australia, Norway, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Japan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Ukraine, Poland, China, Hong Kong, France, Italy and Germany! 😉 It’s another 4th of July where you and I and the whole world (you hope) are celebrating all together. … More 4th of July!

Easter & Ramadan!

Oh! It feels good even if you were in pain. There’s this serenity in the air! 😉 Welcome back dearest special writers bloggers readers friends and all from the US, Canada, the UK, Turkey, India, Romania, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Philippines! 😉 Is it a special day or is it … More Easter & Ramadan!

Welcome Val.!

You have Valentine’s Day tomorrow or today. It all depends on your location! Welcome back friend readers from everywhere! 😉 Happy Happy n Happiest Valentine’s ever for all of you! 🙂 Cheer up and just celebrate with any cheerful something that makes you smile. Until we chat again, here’s our hugs and kisses ❤