My Own Queen!

Every picture talks to you in its own way! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, Canada, the UK, India, Ukraine, and Georgia 😉

Especially pictures of people, they can talk to you about a lot. You can see the message it conveys to you through the eyes of the person in the picture.

The look in the eyes can be deceiving, not in a bad way, but since the model is following the instructions of the photographer, who has a certain theme in her mind SophiePhotoTellerto demonstrate the beauty of the clothing she has.

Sometimes no matter how hard the model tries to hide her real feelings, her eyes would reveal some of her past life or her own character into the picture. If she is quite talented, she would be able to completely bury her emotions, and keep it unrevealed to succeed.

The posture: Of course it is according to the instructor. In this picture it tells you: “I’m my own queen!” 🙄

The act: In a way, the model is acting a role. May be she is required to look happy, childish, cheerful, sexy, challenging, or any other mood she is required to be at. She is doing her best, but few of them succeed in getting into the exact right mood.

The mood: It’s part of the act. If you need to look angry, you need to bring yourself into the anger mood, and may be your anger mood look is different from another person’s anger look but you’d try your best to make it seriously as close as possible to your real mood.Purium©

The sadness: Mostly in the eyes but other parts of body would manifest your act of sadness as well. Some actors or models try to remember something sad that happened to them in the past in order to bring their sadness out.

The pain: Why would a photographer want you to act in pain? If you’re a patient and prescribed the magic pills, it could be a reason. 😆

The challenge: Act of competence with another one in a match would require that look, don’t you think?

The fear: It depends on the nature of the act in your photo.

The hope: Like any other emotions that is required to appear in the photo.

The pretense: It’s basically make-believe like in the movies.

The clothes/accessories: It is mostly selected very carefully until settled on one specific collection.

The hands: Even your hands need to be in the right place in order to express a certain message to your audience, as in this picture.

It’s all there if you pay good attention. Of course it’s a set-up when it comes to professional photography. The photographer or the camera-person can intentionally convey to you something that is not there. However, it’s still hard to erase the marks that life may leave on your face!

Until we chat again, keep being hooked up with our stories, once you get there, you’ll find your keys of inspiration, with our hugs and kisses

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