1Zumba India!

Dear friends and readers everywhere in our globe, on Earth, & here in California, USA! Welcome our new followers, bloggers, writers, & visitors from India, Syria, n Guatemala 😉 Certainly, from the US 😀

Let me hear your voices, or see your comments. I love you all. 😉

Today I’m very proud to bring this interview  to all of you! It’s done via texting. It’s with  a young man who is very creative, and wishes to marry a girl from the USA.

Honestly, I admire his courage to open up to me, and agrees to share with all of us his life experiences, trying to have his voice heard by everyone else.

The reason I’m saying this is that, many times, we approach members, followers, or others, to ask if they are interested in having an interview with us. Although many agree to do so; however, when it comes to implementation, 50% become hesitant. I don’t know why. As if we are going to talk about the secret of making an atomic bomb.

So here it is:

D-IndiaSophie Essay: How would you like to introduce yourself to us?
Dipansinh B Solanki: I am Graphic Designer. I am also speed skating coach.

Sophie Essay: Great, this is perfect!
Dipansinh B Solanki: I am working in this company 12 year

Sophie Essay: Fantastic! Where do u live?
Dipansinh B Solanki: I am live in India Gujarat Ahmedabad

S: What is your dream?
D: My dreams is I want to marry USA girl.

S: This is nice! What would you like to see in the future? Something that you wish to exist.
dp.jpgD: I want to see world without weapons. Love is everywhere that I wish

S: U know I love what u’re saying. What else, u like to say to our readers?
D: This is my work:


Sophie Essay: What is this?
Dipansinh B Solanki: Skating suit

Sophie Essay: Wow! Do u have others, or is this ur first one?
Dipansinh B Solanki: I have other

Sophie Essay: Do u have a website?
Dipansinh B Solanki: www.triumph-sports.com
There you can see all my design on sportswear

DSophie Essay: This is really quite interesting. So what kind of difficulties u encountered in ur life? How did u overcome them?
Dipansinh B Solanki: I can learn buy my self I am not rich my family not afford that class for me. I will learn everything on Nate. I study only 10th after 10 I have join job in Xerox there the give me 12 hours working in on day. My salary is only Rs.900/Per month. My house weary fare from my house. After tha I am going to my skating There I can got job so I don’t have to pay my training fees. There is so many things in my life.

Sophie Essay: How much is Rs 100 in US $?
Dipansinh B Solanki: $ 1.5, Now my salary is 15000

S: have u ever visited other countries?
D: Rs. 15000, No. My salary is not that much so I can’t travel any.

S: Do you have a picture to attach to your post? OK, I’ll use the 2nd picture, it’s very cute. Then when I get the post ready, I’ll send you the link. You can join 1Zumba.com, it will help u learn about many American info. It has many resources for learning, if you’re interested in that.  

Dear 1Zumba friend, how’re you doing? How’s your allergy doing? Are you going to your 1Zumba classes today? It’s a bit chilly, but exercise makes your blood circulate better in your body. So I’ll see you then, soon. 😉

This interview was a lot of fun. Thank you for joining our world Dipansinh B Solanki. You will be with us all the time, from now on! Everyday we have something new to tell you. Just keep on reading our posts, n pls comment, send your suggestions, n be an active part of our group. We appreciate you very much.

I’ll talk to you soon my friends, so hang up there, and until our next chat, be cool, love you. 😉


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