1Zumba Happy Italy!

Updated on 7/26/2018 for its popularity among readers. Catch up if you’ve missed it 🙂


Well, well, well! What do you really want me to say for such a wonderful group of readers and visitors, who sent me the prettiest words, and the loveliest comments ever? It wouldn’t be enough to say thank you, but I do thank you very much for every nice moment you give me, and I appreciate reading my words 😉

For our new visitors, thank you particularly from the US, Myanmar, the UK, the Philippines, Brazil, Thailand, Canada, Germany, Norway, Spain, n Vietnam 😉

Today we have Italy with us, or Salvo Real Ball! He is one of our members. We’re very proud of having him with us in our group, as we are for each and every one of you as well. 

It’s a great pleasure to interview you Salvo, and to share with all of you your life experiences, and your energy, which is shown clearly through your great responses:

Milan1.How would you…

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