When you thought you played it right, you’d be proved wrong, and vice versa. Be resilient! 😉 Welcome back readers and friends from the US, Brazil, Canada, India, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and South Africa 😉

Ryan, Ed, and Kristen were getting ready for a new adventure yesterday. They decided to have a trip to Vancouver, Canada. Our team was completely taken by surprise when they mentioned that their main motive for that trip was spending time in that spectacular hotel up there on trees.Geekstore

Qatar Airways

They showed us a number of flyers for the hotel unique arrangement of units, hanging up on the trees, in-between  the trees, or onto the trees branches. Not sure exactly how its structure really set up, but it looked captivating.

Related image

However, it was quite interesting that you can choose to visit a place just for the idea that you would have fun being hang up on the tree, of course it is not exactly the case. May be the idea that you’d get some kind of thrill being up there would really be motivating but not for everyone! 

Image result for strange hotel

We will be waiting to hear from them and let you know about their new experience.

Until then, get your dose of inspiration via our topics, with our hugs and kisses


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