1Zumba Facebook

Our thanks and best wishes are sent to everyone, especially to our dedicated readers and friends from everywhere, and to our new ones from the US, the UK, Martinique, Australia, Netherlands, & Belgium 😉

Only you”, I listened to this song, and it inspired me to think about too many beautiful things in our lives, you and I. This is the link to few special songs, but out talk is not about Elvis today.


One of these amazing things that we all take it for granted, is our dear FaceBook. I felt that I need to say “Thank You, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year” for everyone who works with FB.

It has been a long and wonderful journey, with you FB; this is the least I can say. I am just a huge fan of all the great moments you’ve given me and all other persons I know. Words can not describe how fabulous FB is. It made many people happy and connected them in a positive manner. Luckily I was one among millions and millions of FB people.

Right my 1Zumba friend? You see all these great 1Zumba groups who post daily on FB? How delightful this is ! Just to have in the back of your mind that there will be someone online that you would be able to communicate with no matter how many miles away from yo this person is, no matter what time it is, it is just astounding, I can’t say enough how great this is.

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It’s breathtaking coz it is so simple for us to go to our account or page on FB, while in reality it is extremely sophisticated and complicated process.

When any of my 1Zumba instructors like to announce the times of their 1Zumba classes, they no longer need to email or text anyone, its easily can be posted to their walls on FB. You see how spoiled we are. I just love it!

I heartily admire all the tremendous work done behind the scenes, and as a matter of fact, I was invited to be part of this fascinating world, but I wasn’t quite sure what happened. I can tell you the details, but tomorrow my dear 1Zumba friend , coz right now, I have to run. Oh dear! If I had the time, I would have continue talking to you forever. You know me. My stories never end, especially when it comes to a topic like this one: “1Zumba Facebook”  😉

Love you all guys 😉

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