AZ Diamonds!

Do you know what will make you laugh from the bottom of your heart? 😉 Welcome back to your pages: the US, India, Brazil, Switzerland, Nigeria, the UK, Malaysia, Mauritius, China, Canada, Germany, Mexico, and all! 😉

A teacher had a chat with another teacher while I was having my coffee. She said while talking to her students asking them what they were going to do in their coming Spring Break a student told her that he was not going anywhere b/c his father had a call yesterday from his boss asking him to go back to work at once in AZ. When the teacher asked the student what work his dad does, he answered that he was a supervisor in a mine in AZ. image

Sophie AZ DimanodsThe teacher got curious when she heard that. She didn’t know that Arizona has mines. She continued asking the student: “What kind of mine is it”. He said: “Oh, it is a secret but I can tell you only that they found very big diamonds“.

Then the other teacher smiled and asked her if she knew the name of the city. She put her hand over her mouth approaching her as if whispering: “You know what I did, I couldn’t help myself”

The boy was very serious about it giving details about the name of the city and the name of the boss a lot of info. The listening teacher laughed saying: “You know what? For long time, I wanted to move to Arizona”. 😆

Until we chat again, think about it and we still remember Tom Hanks movie with our hugs and kisses


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