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Beauty is related to everything in our lives, guys! Without it our choices would be totally different. How?

For example, Angel (one of our site’s dear friends) feels the beauty of a store in its entrance. She loves elegant stores. She can shop every single day in a specific store if she likes its entrance. Not exactly the structure or the design of its door. What then? What kind of beauty she expects?

Sure, I will tell you. She likes the decompressed entrance of a store. What does this mean? It means that she prefers to enter into a store that has no sign nor new merchandise right at the entrance once you step into it.

This rule is essential for her to step into a store. She says: “If the store doesn’t understand this simple rule of having a welcoming entrance, I wouldn’t find the merchandise I’m looking for in that store”, and this is applicable to any kind of stores, because it represents the whole beauty of a store to her. Usually the decompression zone is between 5-15 feet depending on the size of the whole store.

beauty Sophie

When it comes to retail stores, one of the key sales metrics you’re going to want to focus on is “sales per square footage,” which is the average revenue a retail business generates for every square foot of sales space.

Yes and definitely, in order to implement  this discipline, it is required to have a sense of aesthetics, but remember that it’s also a science, which means that it’s a tried and true method.

We give you one example of beauty, which leads to having more customers in your store, and potentially-speaking higher sales once they like your store.

In other words, beauty is related to sales, or, more specifically, to a higher volume of sales. Of course there is more to tell, but it’s in our next post.

Until then, stick to our topics, dig deeper to find what you want, and have fun with out hugs and kisses


. How to Visual Merchandising


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