Liz, British Columbia SuperStar!

I understand that you wouldn’t be seen from the sky, but still you deserve better than that. Let no other to get into your mind 😉 Hello and welcome our friends from everywhere; especially the US, New Zealand, Thailandd, Japan, Portugal, India, Singapore, Poland, Turkey, and Sri Lanka  😉

Today we have a surprise for you. It’s a very special interview with one of our 7000 SuperStars who finally had the time to update us on how she is doing and what is new in her life.

It’s Liz Wimbush, a dear member in our group and very active one, who happens to be in British Colombia. So?  Welcome Liz to our sweet SuperStars!

Liz- SophieEdit

Liz- SophieEdit2



Still, there is a continuation in our next post with our British Columbia SuperStar Liz Wimbush!

Until then, continue roaming in our beautiful world to know the unknown, and stay fresh with our hugs and kisses


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