For some, babies, like beauty, are an investment; for others, they are a bless just for the sake of bringing cheerfulness to life. To which side you belong? 😉 Welcome our new readers and friends to our pages; particularly our folks from the US, Spain, Bulgaria, Argentina, India, New Zealand, the UK, Poland, Egypt, Canada, Turkey, and Australia 😉

Today it’s is about beauty again. It’s exciting to talk about beauty and how it affects our choices and our life in every single bit of it.

Colby asked me about another compelling element of the beauty we see, feel, or touch; especially during certain holidays. The first thing that came to my mind was lights.  Why? Because lights have such a robust power!Related image

Without lights, you would enjoy what you see. I should say without ingenious lights. As we watch our movies – old or new- the element of lights play an essential role in a movie to have it pass the test or not.

Lights bring you the whole charm in the person you see, the colors, or the images. The lights stresses in your mind the shape you see and the pleasure of its beauty.

 light is a perplexing phenomenon when we study it more closely. Here are some things to think about: Our brains and eyes act together to make extraordinary things happen in perception. … Light also acts like waves—ripples in space—instead of bullets.

Some of our photos are not good, because we were not aware that it didn’t have enough light. So are some of our black movies which are shot during the night, without any additional movie lights or with dim lights.

Simply said: “Without light, we cannot see, period.” More about the science of light. It’s so interesting to know about light and how it works with our eyes and brains. We encourage more students to have their studies and research done in this field, for future reasons.

Related image

Having all that said about lights, imagine your store with strong lights or with faint lights, and think which one would bring the customers faster to your doors? It’s no brainer, of course when it had powerful lights, they automatically would come to you.

One of the charms of Las Vegas is its incredible lights, not only its gambling machines. When the lights are super strong and your merchandise glimmer there in their right places, with the right colors and decoration, its husky beauty would enchant your customers, and there would be no other solution except buying. The desire of owning what their vision  conveyed to their brains would be so strapping.

And here comes the big sales to your business with a lot of revenue more than you can ever imagine. Nonetheless, there is more to the beauty in our coming posts, so keep looking forward to it, to get it all.

Until we talk again, keep digging for the roots of our special ideas and unique inspiration and always with our hugs and kisses ❤




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