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You know what? Whenever you spend a long time on one project, it doesn’t necessarily be the best of your work. It’s something else. What it is, is all up to your audience.

Anyway, the last time we talked about beauty and display there was a great deal of condensed info, and some via links hidden under the word “Beauty”; therefore, we received many questions about display and signage from friends who were into retail higher-sales’ beauty elements.

In response to that, let’s start by:

What is a Signage ?
Any visual representation which gives information to the customers about a store (or others) is called a signage.

What is the role of signage in the retail industry then?

. Locate the store with the help of a signage.
. Signboard gives all necessary information about the products in the store. 

. Locate the merchandise inside the store.
. Your retail store signboard should pull the customers into the store.
. There are many tricks when writing your signs for the size you should use. It all depends on where the sign would be placed: inside or outside your store, and if inside up or down or eyes level while walking your store.


. Your signage strategy communicates directly with your customers. There has to be some kind of beauty in your signage system. Make it stand out. 

. Your brand image would be seen through the type of signs you’re using for your store.

. The beauty and the attraction in your signs will influence the buying decision of your customers, whom you need all the time.

Lately, Regina paid a visit to JCPenny and found  a big change in their signs and the height of the merchandise display areas. She admired the shoes department, commenting that finally they paid attention to not to bend down to see the shoes; instead they have it at a higher level which does not require the customer to bend down to see the shoes. It is place at the eyes’ level, which is so smart decision.”
Signage2-SophieTips when installing signs:
. Never block the entrance of your store.Never hide the interiors of your store.
. Easily viewed by all even from a distance.
. All the necessary information like the name of the store, its logo or any other required information.
. Precise short information on the signboard. 
. One word “Sale” outside your store would do the whole job.
. Premium quality  materials to live longer.
. Clearly  visible to all. 
. The right exciting colors.
. Name of your store the largest and the boldest.
. unique and innovative.
. Honest not misleading.
. Simple but informative.

The last piece of info you need to know is the five most important types of signs. These include persuasive signs (sale/clearance), outdoor signs (cafe day special), mats’ signs (at your store entrance or exits), informational signs (restrooms), and compliance signs (i.e. government codes).

We hope that we covered all the points you’ve asked about, and you can browse our topics for more info about business and sales, you’d find plenty of other topics related to these points. Inspire yourself via peeking through with our hugs and kisses

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