1Zumba Doodle?

Hello everyone!

Such a pleasure to be with you all, we love you guys  😉   Our new friends thanks for being with us  from the US, the UK, Algeria, Australia, n Brazil  😉

My Zumba  friend! I see that you are in a hurry, do you have a class today?  New songs, new movements? Wow! Then I should let you get ready, and be short!

I’m googling my lap, not the one at home; at school. I tapped on “I feel lucky”, and gothree interesting links have just popped up:

The 1st is: GrandMother’s Day in Poland – , which I did not hear about it before. I clicked on the link, and here it is Doodles Archive. Oops I thought it was Google?!

The 2nd is: Naguib El Rihani’s 127th Birthday  in Egypt , whom  I heard  about before. He was a very famous comedian in the Arabic speaking countries, but when I tapped the link, it didn’t give me except Doddle’s again, nothing more!


The 3rd is: Lola Flores’ 93rd Birthday, I think she was a Spanish singer or/and dancer, but it still took me back to Doodle!

Who is Doodle?  http://doodle.com/   Oh! I love  google!

Qatar Airways

If you are curious the way I was, pls go ahead and look it up,  my dear 1Zumba Doodle!

Love you all guys,  talk to you  probably in a little while, who knows. Until then, get busy with our topics to get some nice inspiration, with our hugs and kisses   

SeaBear Chowder & Soups


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