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USA Car RecordFalling for this kind of propaganda is naïve! Any president should not fall for a claim that a minor country would serve his best interests. It’s nonsense. This phrase is over-sold over the years. It’s time to wake up and see the truth.

Why are we interfering with Yemen or any Middle Eastern country? Did we solve our own problems in order to start solving others problems?

SophieNaiveWhy are we spending money on foreign countries? Why don’t we spend this money on our infrastructure or our poor cities? We have millions of domestic pending issues that need an urgent attention of all officials but other countries, as it seems, are more important than the American People!

We can’t secure our own borders, and we send our best youth to foreign countries to be killed or kidnapped, under the false delusion of making some gains. It’s a waste of time, a waste of our kids lives, and we should focus on our internal problems.

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Buckle.comYou give money to Israel which sold for you the idea that it was serving your interests in the Middle East, it’s all false pretend. Israel served only its own interests nobody else, only its own. You do not need Israel or its propaganda ideas, especially if the majority of the American People see that clearly.

Should your President focus on reforming the states and the cities that suffer the most? You will vote for Trump because he will help you in solving your problems, not other countries. There is a lot of homeless, poverty,  and a lot of housing issues in all states not only in CA. This should be the main emphasis. The army can help with the borders instead of asking Mexico to do the job for us.


Until we talk again, share your ideas and solutions for the chaos that you live in right now, and get your inspiration by checking on your updated posts, with our hugs and kisses ❤

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