Drones’ Problems!

May be streams of thoughts are a gift for some only! 😉 Welcome back dear readers and friends from everywhere: the US, Australia, and India 😉

Drones are great invention, as Harry shouted at Mayra, but Jason answered Harry in a critical tone: “Great but it has great cons”.

Heroin Delivery in Ohio Prison (True Story)Image result for drones at work

After a drone dropped a package of heroin, tobacco and marijuana in the courtyard of an Ohio prison, nine inmates got into a violent clash, leaving the officers no choice but to use pepper spray on them and strip search another 205 prisoners. This incident is just one of many instances when drones have been used to deliver packages to convicts, raising an unprecedented problem for the legal forces and making them reinforce their security across many prisons.

Definitely, there is a lot of regulations and rules are still missing of the laws we follow regarding drones, which needs a quick attention before it is too late.

SeaBear Smokehouse
SeaBear Smokehouse







The FBI hostage situation is just one incident in a growing trend that has already become a real problem for law enforcement. Consumer technology is advancing faster than law enforcement can keep up. It’s a game of cat and mouse that, luckily, doesn’t seem to have led to much bloodshed, at least not yet. Regulating drones before that happens is probably not a bad idea.

SeaBear Smokehouse

Disadvantages of Drones:
. Shorter lifespan.
.  Vulnerable to animal attacks.”. 
. Easily Hacked
. Spying.
. Can be used in illegal activities.

Until we have something else to chat about, enjoy our topics, with our love and kisses ❤

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