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Solve the puzzle! Thank you and welcome to our humble place dear readers everywhere.  😉 We appreciate your presence with us and every moment you take to send us an email or a comment, especially our new visitors from the US, the UK, Germany, South Africa, Iraq, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Australia, n China! 😉

Hand holding dollar banknotes isolated on white background with clipping path
Be serious if you want more money

Answering your inquiry dear 1Zumba friend, you need to be serious about making money, not just show interest in making money, or talking about it. If you are not serious enough, just continue the way you are. If you are content with the way you are, be it. Otherwise, dig deeper, coz there are plenty of simple ways, to make money, to save money, and to invest your money. You don’t need to be a genius to do that. All you need is the seriousness about it, and to get closer to someone (or some entity) who you feel would lead the way for you.

My other dear 1Zumba friend, we miss you so much. No matter how hard we try to keep ourselves busy so not to think about you, you just jump up onto the page, and persist on being with us all the time.  May be we can see you soon. Yes I am talking to you. Trust your guts, and read between the lines dear smart fellow!

Here’s our 1Zumba.com Word Game # 3:1Zumba.com-WG3Next time we will post the key for this word game, probably after that we will have a separate link in the sidebar for it 🙂

chlNow what about soccer? Why do you think people like sports, and especially soccer? There are too many opinions in this matter. Some say it is an entertainment, or a capturing sport. Some claim it’s the winning factor, coz they bet on who is going to win. Jeremy Garner thinks that there is five reasons only for people to love soccer: 

1- Playing the game. 2- Soccer is a big game with enormous expectations.3-To befriend and belong to a team. 4- Team love. 5- Soccer is a beautiful sport.

Sure all these reasons make sense, but I think there is more to it than that. I think that the most important element, after being a huge business/industry, is that the element of excitement, not knowing who is going to win, and the action of competing among the teams for winning. Read more under our references for links related to this subject in specific.

hotpotatoesOh! One more thing, have you ever seen a hot sweet potatoes cart, coz I lately saw one on the news, in Japan. I was so impressed by that idea.
It was so simple yet it was actually a business model. It was said that the idea was originated in Egypt, then it was taken by Japan & Asian countries. In addition, it was mentioned  that sweet potatoes were very good source of energy in winter time, and that they had such a lovely smell, when they were roasted.

When we say we are talking about hot potato, it usually means that the subject we are talking about is disputable and people recently talk about it a lot, as an idiom. But here I’m talking about real 1Zumba hot Potatoes  😕

Love you guys. We enjoyed being with you for these few minutes. We hope to see you again soon. Pls send your comments, photos, emails, and letters to us. We’ll always be  waiting for you, so keep in touch 😉

.Why people love soccer?

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