Coup d’état?

Got it?! 😉 Welcome back friends from the US, France, Australia, the UK, India, Finland, Brazil, Denmark, Qatar, Japan, Germany, Latvia, Poland, and Russia 😉

There is a lot going around the world, but we only can get a very tiny piece. If you took a good look at the world’s map 10 years ago, you can see the differences that took place in many spots of the world. 

There are plenty of people who like to own their land and to be independent, but it is not that simple. Many times we heard about governments that came up as a Coup détat or by other means.large-world-map-in-robinson-projection

Governments rule people. Having the power to rule people and to represent them even if they don’t want that is a key reason for getting independence for some.

The other way for the map to change is  to get more land. Getting more land can be done through lending money to a country and have it trapped in debts, then ask for the money back or else the land will be gone. In other words, the land should be surrendered to the lender, because your assets were the land that you owned, but you lose it, when you can’t pay back your debts.

This can be happened to you as an individual, and can be done to a whole country!

That was unpublished post that were kept for more than one month, it’s time to release it, Frank said.

Until we talk again, let’s do the right thing and stay connected to your topics, with our hugs and kisses

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