Your Gas on Fire!

Smart readers and friends, great to see you here from everywhere: the US, France, Egypt, Sweden, Canada, Poland, New Zealand, Spain, and India! 😉

Camille said that she would tell us about her experience working a night shift at a gas station. Many unexpected things has happened to her, but Niko said that first we should do something about gas prices! There has to be a solution for these soaring gas prices. SophieGasPricesNahda mentioned that she heard that the gas prices would be down to $2/gallon, and that Mr. Trump said that publicly on TV.

That was true, I heard that myself with my students when we were watching the President Live. Of course gov people have an account that covers their gas expenses, not like you.Modo Bath
May be it’s coming; it’s in its way to you, who knows. May be it is delayed for some reason, but there is a serious reaction in the Bay area for the too-many promises that took place with no real action so far!

Until we chat again, and listen to Camille’s story, try to save gas money by taking the Bart, or riding with a group to your destination, with our hugs and kisses ❤



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