Can you sleep the night if you hurt a dog? How about if it was a human-being?! 😉 Thanks for being here, and welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Japan, the UK, Germany, India, Canada, and Mexico! 😉

Oops! You did it again!

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There will be a time when you have to stop and to start thinking of what you’re doing; evaluating where you’re going and where you’d be ending up doing for the rest of your life.

Most of the time, when this time comes, it’s usually too late!

Your time is stolen by all means!

Think about it for a moment. You act as if you’re surviving rather than enjoying. You’re working all the time, and it’s not enough. They want you to work, coz they don’t want you to have a chance to think straight. If you had the time to see things the way they really are, you’re gonna explode.

You’d say out loud: Enough!

There was a movie called “Money Monster”, where the guy with the gun wanted the con artist to admit that he did wrong in public. The gunman lost his 60 K in a trade and that was all what his family had n his baby was in the way.Sophie-Oops!It was a disaster for his family, but the point was about how people got robbed. Other movies spoke about that main issue that continue to exist in your community.

However, people watch the movies for entertainment; rarely they watch it to get the message conveyed by it.

Qatar Airways

There are hundreds of unsolved issues for human beings everywhere, not only in the US, Russia, Argentina, or others.

While nobody tries to solve the real problems of people, which in many cases money could do, there are others whose money bring more misery and more agony to the world, to every single country.

Certainly a good example is the top one FB. It keeps selling your info openly without shame. It prevents you from deleting your account. Furthermore, it asked you to provide very confidential private info about yourself, your identity, and your family. It’s wrong, ridiculous, and most importantly is a 100% illegal!

FB needs to be incriminated, abolished, and completely shut down. It is a source of danger for any community, and you shouldn’t be surprised that China will never allow it for its people, although they are its owners.

It’s something similar to owning rockets, so naturally using them would be only for others not for your own country, but in this case, FB is using it with the US population coz it’s not American ownership in the first place, is it?

Cashmere in LoveIt’s a pity that there are still some people who avoid talking about it openly although now more than ever is affecting the US Economy!

Until we chat again, check deeper on your future plans, save yourself and your family. Get your inspiration and joy via our posts, with our hugs and kisses ❤sophiechannel

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