It Just Happened!

Most of the time you have the strength and determination to get back on your horse and carry on where you left off! 😉 Welcome back dearest readers friends from everywhere: the US, Portugal, France, Indonesia, Ukraine, Japan, Russia, Greece, India, Germany, Philippines, Italy, Kenya, the UK, Denmark, and Mexico! 😉

Easy to say, hard to do.

May be a change is in the way.


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Accept facts n be realistic.
Share with your closest people.
Negative feeling can be turned into success.
Remember you were able to defeat something in your life before.
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Life has many phases, you’re just going through one.
What’s missing from this equation? You figure it out.
If you’re hesitant about it, don’t do it.
Always give yourself time.
A fast decision not always a good one.

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It just happened
it doesn’t have to have a name
it just happened
it could happen to anyone
it just happened
From time to time one may feel it
it just happened
May be it’s an innate feeling
it just happened
why do you always want to name things
it’s just happened

Until we chat again, find your own cheerfulness key, it’s waiting for your right there with our hugs and kisses sophieChannel


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