5 Magical Elements!

Welcome back dearest friends writers bloggers readers and all from everywhere in your fantastic world: the US, the UK, Germany, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Palestinian Territories, Myanmar (Burma), Jordan, China, India, Brazil, Vietnam, Philippines, France, Netherlands, and all! 😉

In my way back home, I ran into Janice- one of my dear neighbors and that was really cool.

Janice said: “Get ready for 30 min relax, you are as tired as me”. I said after thinking for a moment: “Why not, what do you have for us?” She said: “ A surprise”

Great, let me get back in 30 then.”


Here’s the trailer to see why I enjoyed it. If you have a need for inspiration, just watch this for 25 min; it carried love, art, philosophy, entertainment, and beauty.

Any project that has these 5 magical elements is a success. You can share it with your kids or friends it is for any age.

Until we chat again, fly away with your imagination and inspiration keeping up with all our updated topics with our hugs and kisses

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