The White House RNC!

Amazing, such a great day dearest friends writers readers and all from everywhere including our new friends from the US, the UK, Vietnam, Canada, Venezuela, Mexico, France, Germany, India, Egypt, Uganda, South Korea, Japan, Slovenia, France, Costa Rica, Thailand, Spain, Hong Kong, Turkey, Malaysia, Kenya, Brazil, Germany, and all! 😉

It was a cheerful night although there was few unnecessary minor acts on the part of one of the top supporters but it happens.

Other than that the President was very self-confident, cheerful, optimistic as usual giving his future vision of the USA.

Some agree with him on everything, others are unhappy, and some are criticizing without suggesting solutions.

All in all it was a light night having all the 5 magical elements we talked about few days ago.

Until we chat again, let’s hope for “the best yet to come” with our hugs and kisses

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