Technical Writing!

Welcome back dearest friends from the US, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Germany, Poland, and all! 😉

It is good to ask, nobody knows everything! A friend asked that question:

What is technical writing?

Writing a manual is a technical writing. Writing about a machine, a devise, a tool, an equipment, or any other that is machinery-structured.

Describing parts of the bike or parts of the satellite is technical writing. Describing the function of each part is technical writing.

If you are going to write about a bike, you need to know the names of each part in the bike small or big. Also, you need to understand the function of this part and its location in the system and whether it is replaceable or not.Bike

It is nice to be honest. You can choose to be the writer who writes all the details similar to #1 or the unprofessional writer who is doing this technical writing out of having just another gig as in # 2.

In addition, it is good to mention if there was supposed to be a maintenance schedule and the durability for each part. Never assume that all bikes are similar and having the same exact parts.

Say you are working on a manual of a desk lamp, you will start your writing by describing the shape of the desk lamp, its dimensions, and its task. The source of the product and the date it was manufactured. You’d mention the company which is in charge of the product if it was imported from an outer source.imageThe first thing the user will look for is the parts of the product where it is good to have a diagram that shows the name of each part using arrows that precisely point at the part you name.

You will talk about the function of each part that you named and you should mention any precautions that the user should keep in mind while using it. For example, a phrase similar to “Keep away from children under 5 yrs old” or other precautionary phrase when needed.

The replaceable parts should have a section where you will detail how the user can replace any part or if she should contact the company of origin. When replaceable you should tell the user how to replace it in details and in order to do that you should try to do that yourself. Do not assume things. Sometimes it is not what you think. 😜imageBe precise and accurate: this is one characteristic that is essential in technical writing. You can not make a guess or go emotional. 😂

Most of the time it is hard to write about a machine where you know nothing about. It is your homework to bring yourself to the level of a technician’s understanding of that machine. Seriously you will need to go talk to an auto mechanic if you are writing a manual for a Tiguan/ Volkswagen. You wouldn’t dare to mess up with an auto manual since it could be dangerous and unethical to do that.

You definitely will provide contact information for the manufacturer in case of your user’s need.

Until we chat more about your money, keep warm and appreciate sunny days, with our hugs and kisses

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