Mastering Writing!

Relax, take a deep breath, and set a solid plan! 😉 Welcome back to your pages and thank you dearest friends from everywhere: the US, Iceland, Lithuania, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, the UK, Kazakhstan, South Africa, China, Nigeria, Hong Kong, and all for making us a part of your day! 😉

Sometimes, the best ideas miraculously come to you in bed when you are totally exhausted and trying to get yourself to sleep. You can’t even pull yourself out of bed and sit back to your desk jotting down any part of the flow of thoughts that come involuntarily into your mind. Amazingly enough you might end up finding yourself completely empty of all these magical threads that popped-up in your mind if you tried to go back to your writing. This part happens to all writers– professionals or amateurs.

SophieMasteringWritingMastering writing is another story and is not easy to fulfill unless you are seriously into writing. Natural talent comes first then developing the skill comes second. However some writers do not have the talent and only develop a writing skill to do their job.

Let’s start from the beginning:

When you get into your inspiration, land onto a topic that you feel is the right one for you to talk about, then you can start your research. Your research should include any available trusted sources: books, videos, ebooks, documentaries, etc.

Take notes while reading or watching. Read or watch with critics’ eyes not only as a reader. Mark down parts you like or dislike and note the why behind that. Watch for picking up the points that you want to focus on and you feel that you could bring new angles to it or that you could emphasize it through new proofs.

If you can set up a deadline, it will make you use your time wisely.

Would all of that make your writing being mastered? Of course not. Pay attention though, writing styles is different from writer’s style 🙄

To be Continued…

Until we chat again, we hope that you’d enjoy this post and you’ll be able to share your writing with us and with the whole world with our hugs and kisses


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