Mystery Novels!

Everything you do has a story! 😉 

Hate Reading GIFs | TenorWhy do you like or dislike mystery novels? People are different, remember?

I simply couldn’t keep up with all the characters and clues. But I was only in fourth or fifth grade at the time, so it’s possible mysteries were too advanced for my elementary reasoning. However found. more

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Perhaps you might say that the majority likes the mystery genre in novels and in movies too.

Patty said:                                                “mystery novels appeal to my desire to have things in order (and I am so disorganized!). In the story there is chaos, and then someone comes along and puts everything right, ugh”

Remember that everyone loves the mystery novels for a reason. It takes you to a story where you are watching characters and kind of judging them to figure out who is good and who is bad. By the end, you’d figure out if you were right or wrong. 🙄

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