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Choose wherever you wanna live and may be do nothing just enjoying your life. Just kidding! Coz it’s gonna be boring to contemplate 24/7, but who knows how you’d feel about it if you’ve never tried it. 🙄

Edward Norton is a good actor but what you didn’t know is that he is also a good director. As a good actor, he usually chooses his roles very carefully, which reflects the nature of a thinker.Sophie Critique

In his latest movie “Motherless Brooklyn”, he has been both actor and director. Definitely, he made a fantastic job conveying the air & era in which the related events took place.

Nevertheless, for some reason, he didn’t pay enough attention to the length of having the camera rolling continuously around him. The repetitive (neurological sickness) moves/twitches were exaggerated for unclear reason.

Probably it showed how to overcome that episodes he suffered from but still why did it have to continue until the end of the movie?

On the other hand, the movie was well-served in the sense of the time it represented during the 50s; showing the traffic the bridges, the old automobiles, the people clothing, etc..

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In the meantime, could it be related to Trump being called a “builder”?, that was a question raised by my neighbor who was watching the movie with us.


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It can be watched by everyone- no restrictions. You can call it “Snoop” 🙂

Until we chat again about another watchable movie, keep yourself busy with enjoyable things. That’s what counts with our hugs and kisses It's time to update your wardrobe! Shop now for new Plus Size


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