Apodictic, is it? 😉 Good to have you all here with us! Welcome back dearest friends readers to your pages: the US, Italy, Indonesia, Czech Republic, the UK, Cambodia, Germany, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Panama, Slovakia, Uganda, Canada! 😉


I’m working with crooks and it’s either be with them or behind them, but I chose to be above them. Your advice is appreciated and urgently needed.”

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15% off New Zealand Car Rental DealsIt’s up to you to give RP a sincere advice since he sounded so lost under all the weird circumstances that he mentioned in his email. Probably we should tell you more or the whole story. It’s a bit detailed but you’d be able to see through events.

Until then if you can help your friend with one word comment, just in connection to his first phrase of that email, it would be really great. If you like to give more than one word comments, it would be even better. Pls consider one word would be your contribution to this page today wherever you are 🙂

BerrylookBerrylookQatar AirwaysUntil we chat again, pls remember your friend needs a word from you, and that your word would help another human being on Earth with our hugs and kisses sophieChannel

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