Black Hats!

Optimism rewards! 😉 Welcome back friends and readers from everywhere: the US, Qatar, Nigeria, Paraguay, Taiwan, Belgium, Venezuela, Germany, Brazil, Vietnam, Spain, Philippines, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Italy, the UK, and India! 😉

Here’s what you need to know:

. Be aware of that devilish virus situation and take all necessary measurements to protect yourself and your family. It’s not a joke!Map of World Showing Current Status of Coronavirus Outbreak (February 14, 2020)

Do you still remember the friend who sent us about the crooks?

Here’s what happened to him:

When scammers get to your account and take your money, it’s terrible thing. You earned that money and you put time and effort from your own life to deal with life demands.

But merciless scammers and crooks don’t care about all of that ethical stand, they don’t see it that way; they only care about one thing: how to get away with it.

This goes for all kinds of scams and embezzlement.

Recently some professional settlement offices claim money for participants of class action cases and keep it for themselves denying you the money the court ordered to be given to you.

Our friend -Joyce – sent us a letter she received after accidentally knowing that there was a check in her name for the amount of $ 110 and that it was no longer available for her.SettlementCrooks

Her address was correct but the check was never sent to her address, and the director claimed that it was sent back to them, and once they received it, they distributed its share among themselves, and they couldn’t issue another check for her share of that settlement.

Was that fair? She waited more that 2 yrs to get her part of that settlement and she never did.

The other friend – Carol- sent a letter stating that although the settlement was in the amount of 3 million dollars yet her share of $20 was used for charity purpose by her administrator without her consent.


Now, what happen, according to Carol, was that the settlement office started sending mails and emails to all the names that were hired by that employer within a certain period of time to include them in a class case in the court.

Once the court ordered the fine on that employer, the settlement office took over the money and did whatever they like with it.SohieBlackHats

It’s a typical scam!

Crooks! Black hats!

Until we chat again, enjoy your weekend and pay attention to your fitness with our hugs and kisses



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