Pole? 😉 Million welcome for all of you from everywhere: the US, Poland, Italy, Croatia, South Africa, Ukraine, Malaysia, Spain, Chile, Taiwan, Japan, the UK, Germany, Canada, Austria, India, Philippines, and New Zealand! 😉

. Do you need to blur the minds of your kids coz you believe that they will know it sooner or later?

. What are you talking about?

. It’s something need to be said about that Super Bowl performance, and it was said well by this source.Image result for pole dancing in the super bowl

We have a friend from Bangladesh who is a huge fan of pole-dancing. He used to write to us on a daily basis. But it’s different from what was said in this article.

The Boston Herald responded to this outrage by writing, “Oh, but the halftime show wasn’t family friendly! What are we teaching our girls? Those skimpy outfits! The stripper pole! J-Lo and Shakira have corrupted our youth! Spare me the whining.”[10] Others challenged that the scant outfits worn by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez weren’t any worse than the outfits worn by NFL cheerleaders.[11]

Without a doubt, the Super Bowl halftime show miserably failed to meet any reasonable family friendly standard, and nobody should celebrate it. Indeed, according to per-minute data from Pornhub, the Super Bowl halftime show sent throngs of people to the sight with Pornhub searches for “Shakira” and Jennifer Lopez” increasing 1,401% and 381% respectively.[12] But we should not pretend that a sexcapade during the Super Bowl halftime show is unexpected. Honestly, we’ve reached the point where it would be surprising if the performance were not a hedonistic display of self-objectification and eroticism. If anything,


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Biibi said: ” May be it was meant to be provocative to have the people talk more about it”. 🙄

May be, but until we chat again, protecting your kids and caring for them is an essential part of your existence. Keep going with our hugs and kisses ❤ 




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